Objective and Outputs

Profile Of The Programme


The aim of Electrical Engineering Graduate Programs is to raise respectable academicians and expert engineers of the future with its strong content focusing on research and theoretical issues.



Occupational Profiles Of Graduates With Examples


Graduates of these graduate programs are expected to build their career on research & development of Electrical Engineering in various sectors. They can work either in private or public companies in the field of electrical engineering or they can continue to their career in academia.



Program Outcomes


  • Understands and applies the fundamental sciences, mathematics and electrical engineering sciences at high level.
  • Including latest developments, has a depth and broadly knowledge in the field of Electrical Engineering.
  • Reaches the new information in the field of Electrical Engineering and with the understanding of them, has necessary skills at high level to decide the methods and to make researches.
  • Makes a comprehensive study so as to satisfy one of the following items; Brings innovation to electrical power engineering science or technology, Develops a new scientific method or develops technological product / process, applies a known method to a new area.
  • Detects, designs, implements and completes an original research process individually; and manages this process.
  • Contributes to the literature of science and technology by publishing the outcomes of academic work in respected academic environments.
  • Evaluates scientific, technological, social and cultural developments and transfer them to the society with scientific objectivity and ethical responsibility.
  • Criticizes, synthesizes and evaluates the ideas and developments in the field of expertise.
  • Uses at least one foreign language at the general level of European Language Portfolio C1 and communicates effectively in oral and written language. Has an ability of written and oral communication with professional scientific and social communities in the field of expertise.